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Healthcare Options

You have more than one way to do healthcare at Epique.  Read about your options below to see what’s right for you. 


Your Free Agent Benefit Package

This benefit package is included for all Epique agents, both full and part time. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

Your Benefits Package includes:


  • Free Virtual Direct Primary Care
  • Free 1,000+ Prescriptions
  • Free Virtual Mental Health Visits
  • Free 24/7/365 Virtual Urgent Care
  • Up to 80% off other Prescriptions


Healthshare Plans

THIS IS SEPARATE FROM THE FREE HEALTHCARE OFFERED BY EPIQUE. In addition to Epique’s Health Benefit Package, we strongly encourage agents to get coverage for things like Hospital Visits, Specialist Coverage, Labs, Radiology, and more.

Healthshare Highlights:


  • No Network Restrictions so you can choose your own providers.
  • Low Co-Pays for Specialists
  • Low Set Prices for Hospital Stays, etc.


Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care means having your own private doctor, that you interact with directly. This is reminiscent of the way doctors and patients used to interact before insurance companies got involved. With a Direct Primary Care Physician, you’ll be able to call or message your own private doctor directly with questions and concerns. Direct Primary Physicians take on less patients and offer better and quicker care. You can often get same day appointments and have much longer time with your doctor than with traditional plans. With Epique, your co-pays are $0 for appointments. 


Prescription Coverage

With your Epique Benefit Package, you will get over 1,000 free generic prescriptions that can be mailed to you directly at no charge.  These represent the Top 95% of medicines prescribed in the United States.  You will also get 80+ Free Urgent Care prescriptions that you can pickup at a pharmacy directly.  If what you need is not one of the Top 95%, you will get a discount card that will allow you to get up to 80% off at your local pharmacy counter. 


Mental Health

Virtual Mental Health visits allows you to speak to a licensed mental health expert virtually from the comfort of your home.  You can select your provider from the network and based on choices like specialty (e.g. Anxiety, Stress, Family Counseling, and more) as well as overall compatibility. 


Urgent Care

Virtual Urgent Care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.  If you need to speak with an urgent care physician (for example if it’s outside of your primary physician’s office hours) you can speak to an Urgent Care physician, get medication prescribed, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Epique Health Benefits Package

Is this really free?

Yep!  Your Epique Benefits Package includes Free Virtual Direct Primary Care, Free Prescriptions, Free Virtual Mental Health Visits, and Free Virtual Urgent Care.  This is something we offer all of our agents as part of our benefits package.

Can I use my own doctor?

You can pick your own physician from the network of providers that have access to the platform.  We cannot guarantee your pre-existing primary care physician is a participant.

What if I want to see my doctor in person?

Physicians may operate offices in your city, and fi so may offer deep discounts to see existing patients in person if needed. Epique covers the cost of all virtual visits with your physician.  You’ll need to ask your provider if they have a local office, or a recommendation for a local in person facility you can visit in person if needed.

Is this insurance?

No. This is not traditional insurance.  This is a Direct Primary plan which gives you direct access to your own private physician where you can call and message them directly to address your health concerns and build a 1-on-1 relationship.

Should I get insurance?

You should have some coverage for things not provided in this benefit, like Hospital Stays, Ambulance Rides, MRI’s, Cancer Care, and more.  In addition to your benefit, we also provide access to Healthshare through Impact Health.  This helps cover additional costs that may arise if you get sick.  Because it is a health sharing plan, it is much more affordable than insurance and doesn’t have the same restrictions of a provider network. 

Can Epique see my Medical Information?

No. We won’t even know who your physician is, let alone what you’ve discussed.  Epique’s role in this benefit is to simply cover the costs through our third party vendors. We will never know what medicine your taking, who your doctor is, etc. Everything stays between you and your provider(s). 

Can I add my Spouse, Children, or Dependents to my plan?

Yes! The cost for each agent is $0, and agents can add additional members to their plan at a huge discount. To add one (1) person to your plan is $20 per month. Each additional person is $5 per month. You can add up to 6 dependents to your plan (adults or children). All will get the same benefits as you!

What if my prescription isn't covered?

Your prescription benefit covers the top 95% of medicines prescribed in the United States.  If you need a prescription not covered, you will receive a discount card that will provide up to 80% off the cost. 

How do I get prescriptions?

Your doctor will call it in to our partner pharmacy. The pharmacy is virtual and will mail you your prescriptions directly at no additional charge.  If you need urgent care medicines, your benefit covers the top 80+ urgent care medicines at your local participating pharmacy.  

How does the Mental Health benefit work?

Once you’ve selected a participating mental health provider, you will schedule appointments with them through the app. Appointments are virtual through the app and will allow both you and the provider to see and hear each other. Visits work like most telehealth visits, and your provider and you can work on a schedule that works for your plan. 

Can my mental health provider prescribe medicine?

In most cases, no.  They can however make recommendations and, if you approve, share those recommendations with your primary physician who may write prescriptions for your mental health.

What happens if I leave Epique?

This benefit is not setup to be an individual benefit, and is provided as a group benefit.  If you leave Epique, your benefit (like all Epique perks) will be closed.  You may reach out to your doctor prior to leaving to see if they offer any plans or discounts for you to continue seeing them on your own in person or virtually. 

What happens if I am behind on my monthly payments with Epique?

Even with our discounts, this is an expensive benefit for the company.  Monthly fees are how we are able to offer agents thousands of dollars worth of benefits that agents couldn’t get on their own for the same price. Unfortunately, if you’re not in good standing with Epique, like all of our benefits, your access will be shut down.  We will warn you in advance before we shut down any benefits.  We will try to avoid shutting down your healthcare benefits if we can, and will try reaching you by phone, email, and even text before we do so. 

How long does it take to begin?

You should be enrolled in 7-10 business days upon signing up and registering for Epique Health.